'Orthodox' refers to teaching that conforms with already established doctrine. That is, doctrines of the Bible, expressed in the historic creeds and confession of the Christian church. It literally means 'straight teaching.'  (The orthodontist 'straightens' one's teeth.) Orthodoxy (straight or true teaching), is akin to  'orthopraxy,' a term which refers to a right or established practice.  Around the time our denomination was formed (1936), it was originally called the 'Presbyterian Church of America,' but had to be changed because the Presbyterian Church in the USA, the denomination from which we came, said that it was too close to their name. So the founders of the newly established, bible-believing denomination changed the name to 'The Orthodox Presbyterian Church.'  

We are a congregation of believers who have a desire to worship God reverently, be challenged through Christ-centered preaching, and find encouragement in fellowship so that we may be equipped and emboldened to reach our community to the glory of God.


Our Worship style

Our desire is that our corporate worship on the Lord's Day be biblical.  We believe that in the Bible, God tells us how we must worship Him.  We sing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs (old and new), pray together, read and preach the Word of God, administer Baptism and the Lord's Supper, and confess our faith together.  We pray that our worship is glorifying to God, reverent, and full of joy.  

What should I wear to worship?

You will find that we have a broad spectrum of dress at our services. Don't sweat it, just come ready to focus on the Lord, and to worship Him with reverence and awe!   (See Hebrews 12:28; I Timothy 2:9,10; etc.) 

What about my children?

The goal is for children to worship with their parents (Joel 2:16, Mt. 19:14, see also Eph. 6:1, where the Apostle addressed children in the context of the assembled saints).  However, we know that not all children are ready to sit through a worship service, so we do provide a nursery for little ones.  Don't miss worship because your little blessings might not be ready to sit through worship.  And by the way, if a little one makes himself known in worship, it won't be the first time.  Just ask pastor Kevin!  

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